Meeting at an inspiring location can make the difference between a boring, tiring day and a successful, productive meeting. After all, as a company, you want to get the best out of your team, and sometimes that is better done in a location other than the office. Beach restaurant Prince George offers a wonderful venue for a meeting with a refreshing twist.

The benefits of meeting at Prince George

When you choose to meet at Prince George, you’re really going to notice the difference. Believe us. We know better than anyone how inspiring this environment can be. The view of the sea alone makes you think. This makes our pavilion perfect for getting away from the daily grind and finding new inspiration.

In addition, Prince George is equipped with every convenience. The restaurant has modern meeting facilities, including a large TV screen and whiteboards. Customized catering can also be provided, from coffee and tea to a sumptuous lunch or dinner. The restaurant offers several options for meetings.

You can thus combine a day of meetings with snacks and drinks for the whole team, or another team-building activity nearby. After the meeting, there is ample opportunity to relax and strengthen the team spirit. Prince George is located on Camperduin beach and offers plenty of opportunities for a nice walk or sporting activity.

Our advice to anyone who has to do a lot of meetings: try it at the beach sometime. That can make a world of difference. We are already ready to welcome you and your colleagues. Be sure to contact us to discuss your options.

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