Looking for a unique venue for a corporate party? Prince George at Camperduin beach offers the perfect beach conditions for a successful corporate party. Our pavilion has a warm and luxurious feel that immediately puts you and your colleagues in the right mood.

A venue to suit every corporate party

Our pavilion offers several options for corporate functions, from intimate parties to large events. It is also possible to rent out the entire beach restaurant for an exclusive event. With our own kitchen, bar, catering, restaurant and pavilion, we can create the right atmosphere for any kind of party.

Enjoying delicious food and drink

At Prince George, you not only enjoy a beautiful location, but also delicious food and drink. The extensive beer menu, exciting cocktails and culinary dishes ensure that the corporate party is complete. It is possible to order different buffets and appetizers to suit your needs.

A successful corporate party at a unique location

A corporate party at Prince George’s is a unique experience. The atmosphere of the beach restaurant and the sea view combined with the nautical interior and delicious food and drinks make the corporate party unforgettable. Prince George is the perfect venue for a successful corporate party. Be sure to contact us to discuss your options.

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