Prince George is not an obvious name for a restaurant. And yet it speaks for itself. We get our name from the battleship HMS Prince George that still lies on the Camperduin coast. Now it is an ideal place to enjoy, but in the past the waterways were less quiet.

The Battleship

HMS Prince George

During the French Revolution, a sea battle took place near Camperduin in the North Sea. More than a century later, several years after World War I, the coast here became the scene of a salvage operation. HMS Prince George had served as a British Royal Navy battleship during the war, but when it came time to salvage the ship, a severe storm threw a spanner in the works. Over a hundred years later, the wreck still lies there. Under a considerable layer of sand, somewhere off Pier 24.

Northern Lights

Seal spotter

Today the Camperduinse beach is characterized by pristine stretches of nature. You have a magnificent view of the sea and the dunes. And, if you’re lucky, you’ll see seals or even a whale. You can also sometimes see the Northern Lights from here. You want to have experienced that once, right?

Beach restaurant Prince George is the ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of life. Or to seek out just that coziness, but lovely by the beach. An oasis of tranquility.